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Publishes December 11
Research Doctors
Dec. 2
Dec. 6
This holiday season, reach high-end consumers who have purchasing a luxury vehicle high on their wish lists. With more than 100,000 LA Times readers planning to spend $35,000+ for a new vehicle in the next 12 months, there's no better place to park your ad than in the Luxury Vehicles section. Publishing in print and online.

LA Times Audience:
• Print and online readership: 2.4+ million
• 467,000 readers generally purchase the
most expensive model with all the luxury
appointments and options*
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*Based on statement of 'Completely Agree' or 'Somewhat Agree'
Source: Scarborough Prime LINGO, Los Angeles, CA 2013 Release 1 Total (Feb. 2012 - Jan. 2013). Audience = Avg. Weekday or past 7 days.

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